Who is BECO?

The Building Environment Council of Ohio (BECO) is a not-for-profit professional association incorporated under the laws of Ohio. Our focus is the building environment (as distinct from the natural environment), and we include all facilities (educational, commercial, industrial, and residential), whether privately or publicly owned. We are interested in problems within buildings arising from pollutants in and immediately around those buildings, especially pollutants associated with building materials, utilities, the building site, or occupant activities.

The Building Environment Council is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of a six-member Board of Trustees, who serve three year terms; President, President Elect, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Legal Counsel. The Executive Committee is elected by the members of the Council. We have always had an Executive Committee representative of our diverse membership.

Members can participate in any of seven committees: Asbestos, Lead, Radon, Underground Storage Tanks, Brownfields (VAP), Indoor Air Quality and AHERA Designated Persons (limited to “Designated Persons” as defined by federal school asbestos regulations). Committees keep track of federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as new developments and problems. They provide information for publication in the Ohio Building Environment Report, and recommend conference topics and speakers.

Board of Directors

2017 BECO Board of Directors

  • President: Michelle L. Eckels, Resource International Inc.
  • President – Elect: Brian Hina, Hina Environmental Solutions
    • Chair: By-Laws Committee
  • Treasurer: Kristy Engel-Shepard, Resource International Inc.
  • Secretary: Trustee: Jim Prarat, Karl Rohrer Associates

2017 BECO Board of Directors

  • Past President: Tim Stevenson, TSI
  • Trustee: David Metzger, 1st Option Radon Management
  • Trustee: Wayne Ingram, TSI
    • Chair: Membership Committee, Webpage Committee

2017 BECO Board of Directors

  • Trustee: John Thomas, Terracon
  • Trustee: Chuck Schilling, Hudson City Schools
  • Trustee: Pat Herbert (2018). E A Group
    • By-Laws Committee
  • Trustee: Jon Zanders (2018), Stone Environmental Engineering & Science
    • Chair: Webpage Committee
    • Council: Wesley Newhouse